In Business in McCall Since 2001


Ridgeline Construction, Inc. has a proud tradition of service as a Builder and General Contractor since 2001. 

Located in McCall, Idaho, RCI brings over 20 years of local construction experience; with a reputation for delivering large and detailed projects designed and built to suit our unique environment. 

Kenny Pyle, the owner of the company, was born and raised in McCall. In that time, we have found that the key to every project’s success is understanding our clients’ needs and expectations and then exceeding those expectations. 

The quality of our workmanship and customer service is without compromise.  In addition to our in-house skills, we have a network of first-rate subcontractors and professionals. 

We are a firm believer in partnering and the motivating force partnering can have on a project. Developing trust with a team where each member looks for ways to help the other, promotes the best kind of collaboration and each member benefits. 

Because of our honesty and loyalty to our local trade professionals, we have established an excellent team, a huge benefit regarding the quality needed to build the custom detail in this unique high mountain environment.

You’ll find us easy to work with, honest, innovative in our approach and forthcoming with information. Together we’ll create a finished building to be proud of.


Kenny Pyle was born and raised in McCall, Idaho.  Leaving only to attend college and ski high mountain peaks, he has lived most of his life in this high mountain town.

His knowledge of the environment and his connections with local trades gives him a unique advantage in our industry.  A highlighted asset is his expertise in framing along with his attention to detail.

These qualities create a finished product that is well recognized in the industry. He takes pride in his workmanship and was instilled with a strong work ethic that shows in anything he contributes to.

He comes from a family has a contributed to McCall for three generations. Well respected and highly reputable, Kenny maintains that tradition in both himself, and his business. 

His partner, Christina Pyle, compliments Kenny’s work ethic and maintains the efficiency and continuity of each project they undertake.

She earned a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and has worked in everything from the agricultural industry to the construction industry.

With an engineering background and a knowledge in construction framing from Kenny and the team, her drafting abilities, accountability, and organizational skills provide valuable input during each project.


From conception to completion, our entire team of estimators, designers, project managers and experienced contractors make our clients’ needs a priority. 

We have experience in a wide variety of projects and delivery methods, and use both time-proven practices and cutting-edge techniques to make sure our customers’ projects meet their maximum potential.


We provide a turnkey package to construct your custom home. Ridgeline Construction is somewhat unique with the organization and function of an internal design management department.

This department is comprised of inhouse drafting professionals and is tasked with the management and coordination of the build process. 

The responsibilities of the department’s professional staff are to provide leadership and oversight to insure efficiency throughout the proposal, preconstruction, design development, construction, and commissioning stages.


House renovation projects breathe new life into tired homes. Home renovations range from structural changes to a complete modernization of what already exists.

There are endless possibilities for completely changing the look, function and feel of your house renovation project.